Compensation for Error during Heart Operation

Is it possible to claim compensation for error during heart operation where my wife died?

It should be possible for you to claim compensation for error during heart operation where your wife died. The death of a spouse is never easy, it is particularly difficult when it is unexpected and due to a medical error that was more than likely avoidable. Pursuing compensation may not alleviate your grief but it is good to know what your options might be. It is possible to claim for a number of factors when claiming for the death of a loved one, depending on the circumstances of their death. For example, if your wife suffered from an illness due to this heart operation error for a considerable length of time before her death, the pain and suffering she experienced during this time will be taken into consideration.

Another aspect of your operation on heart error claim may be dependency claim. If your wife provided the main or a partial source of income in the household, then you can be compensated for the financial support that she contributed in the family home. If this is the case then it will also have to be established that you and any children under 18 years of age were reliant upon her earnings. Only a particular percentage of these earnings will be recoverable in your operation on heart error claim as it will be assumed that a certain amount of your wife’s earnings will have been spent on herself for personal matters. If she had large role in domestic duties and with raising children then this will also be accounted for when your final claim for heart operation error is being calculated.

It should also be possible to initiate a bereavement claim against the NHS or the private hospital that was responsible for your wife’s death. This is an entirely separate claim to the previously mentioned factors of compensation for error during heart operation claim. The Fatal Accidents Act established in 1976 awards a set amount of £11,800 to the relatives of someone who has died as a result of medical negligence. Furthermore, it limits the amount of time you will have to claim compensation for your wife’s death to three years. This limit typically begins from the on the date that death occurred, but sometimes it can begin on the date that the cause of death becomes known.

It is advisable that you contact a personal injury claims solicitor with experience in dealing with death from medical negligence related claims. They will be able to give you more specific information on the aspects of compensation claim that will be relevant to you in this instance and also provide support in what must be a difficult time. Therefore it is in your best interest to discuss your claim for compensation for error during heart operation with a solicitor at the first possible moment.