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Claim Lodged by Couple for Stillbirth at Hospital

Posted on: June 27th, 2015 by Medical Negligence

A couple, whose second child was stillborn at the Warrington Hospital, have made a compensation claim against the hospital.

When Angela Owens, aged thirty, and her partner Paul Humphreys, thirty-one, were out shopping on the 21st December 2014, Ms Owens experienced a sudden pain. She was nearly two weeks overdue with her second child, and due to be medically induced the following day.. The couple, from Chapelford in Warrington, rang Warrington Hospital, who told them to go to the labour ward at the hospital immediately.
Upon arriving at the hospital, a midwife examined Ms Owens, who explained that she was unsettled as the pain she felt was not like that experienced during her previous labour. During the examination, the midwife saw that Ms Owens was only dilated by two centimeters, and as such sent her home with instructions to take paracetamol.
However, Ms Owens refused to go home, and was admitted into a room where she asked for pain relief. An attending nurse said that it was too early to administer gas and air, but suggested a birthing pool. Ms Owens entered the pool, but the pain she was experiencing intensified and she asked to get out. She also asked for another check on her unborn child.
Though the foetal heartbeat had been recorded when Ms Owens entered the hospital, no other checks had been carried out since – a breach of nation guidelines. Upon exiting the pool, another check was done, but no heartbeat could be detected either by ultrasound or manual means. Their daughter, Ella, was delivered just after eleven o’clock that night, stillborn.

Ms Owens and Mr Humphreys allege that, had the medical staff on the ward acted on Ms Owens’ complaints, or carried out the monitoring procedure as they were supposed to, their daughter may not have been stillborn. Yet the couple are entirely reliant on the results of an internal investigation being conducted at the hospital, as inquests are not conducted into stillborn deaths.

The couple were dissatisfied with the results of the investigation, and have since made a claim for the stillborn birth against the hospital. They hope that this will assist their search for answers.