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NHS Trust Concedes Liability for Treatment of Broken Leg

Posted on: October 17th, 2015 by Medical Negligence

A NHS Trust have admitted they were liable for negligently treating a woman’s broken leg, causing her to endure years of unnecessary pain and discomfort.

When twenty-five year-old Sally Marsh, from Diglis in Worcestershire, was playing soccer for her local team in August 2012, she fell awkwardly and managed to break two bones in her right leg. An ambulance was called to the scene and took her to the Worcester Royal Hospital. Her leg was then set and put into a full cast

Upon her discharge from the hospital, Ms Marsh was told that it was safe to put weight on her leg. After eight weeks wearing the full leg cast, it was replaced with a half-leg cast for a further six weeks. After that period, when the second cast was removed, it became clear that the bones had not properly healed.

Ms Marsh visited an orthopaedic specialist, who discovered that the bones had set at an awkward nineteen degrees. An operation would be needed to properly set the bones, but due to the inefficiency of the NHS in organising the procedure, Ms Marsh had to wait nine months before the operation. During this time, she experienced a lot of pain and discomfort, requiring her to take time off of work and stop her engagement in various pastimes.

After the operation eventually took place, a metal cage was fitted to help support the wound. However, it was not properly fitted and Ms Marsh developed an infection, requiring her to take a course of antibiotics.

Ms Marsh proceeded to seek legal counsel and subsequently made a claim for compensation against the Worcester Acute Hospitals NHS Trust. In her claim, she stated that her discharge from hospital came too soon after her admittance, and the delay in the procedure had caused her to suffer more damage that could have been prevented.

An investigation ensued, and the NHS Trust conceded liability for the medical negligence that Ms Marsh suffered. The parties are currently in the midst of negotiating a compensation settlement for the treatment of the broken leg.

Ms Marsh commented that: “It’s a relief that at least now the NHS Trust has admitted that it made mistakes and my legal case can move to the next stage. I just hope that no one else has to suffer as I have in the future.”