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Blinded Patient Negotiates Claim for Settlement

Posted on: August 9th, 2016 by Medical Negligence

An anonymous patient, who was rendered blind in one eye after receiving a substandard level of care at the Cheltenham General Hospital, has entered negotiations to resolve his claim for compensation.

The negligent treatment was administered in December 2015, when the patient attended the Ophthalmic Department of the Cheltenham General Hospital such that medication could be delivered to his retina. This entailed what is described as a “routine procedure” in which medication is injected into the humour of the eye, a gelatinous substance that gives the shape to the eyeball.

However, shortly after his discharge from hospital, the patient began experiencing pain in his eye. It transpired that he had developed an infection. This severe complication, known as endopthalmitis and affecting the internal layers of the eye, is associated with intraocular surgery. For this patient, it gradually worsened until it tragically resulted in the loss of sight in the affected eye.

The patient alleges that the infection was the direct result of unclean conditions in the theatre in which the procedure was carried out. An investigation ensued, which revealed that there were many failings in the sanitation of the room. The sink was described as cluttered, and that dust had collected on surfaces all over the room, including the operating lamp. Additionally, the medical staff at the facility were found to have contributed to the patient’s injury, as it was discovered that they failed to adhere to established guidelines for the treatment. For example, they failed to apply antiseptic to the surface of the eye for at least three minutes before injection.

Upon discovering the results of the investigation, the patient sought legal counsel and proceeded to make a claim for medical negligence compensation against the Gloucester Royal NHS Foundation Trust for his blindness due to unsanitary conditions. The trust have since conceded liability and entered negotiations with the patient.