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Settlement Agreed for Brain Injury Compensation

Posted on: November 30th, 2011 by Medical Negligence

A man, who suffered brain damage at his birth, has settled his claim with the NHS East Midlands Strategic Health Authority, who managed the hospital where he was born.

When Mathew Eacott, now aged twenty-five from Mansfield in Nottinghamshire, was born in 1986 at the King’s Mill Hospital he did not show any signs of life. The medical team attending his birth managed to resuscitate him, but not before he sustained injuries to his brain. Now, he has cerebral palsy, reduced vision, compromised mobility, behavioural problems and epilepsy.

When he came of age, Mr Eacott made a claim for compensation for the injuries he sustained. In Mr Eacott’s claim he alleges that the medical team did not act fast enough; had they been swifter in their attempts to resuscitate him, Mr Eacott would not have sustained as severe injuries to his brain and as such would not have as many debilitating conditions as he does now.

The case was heard at London’s High Court, where Mr Justice Wilkie heard of Mr Eacott’s disabilities. The King’s Mill Hospital and NHS East Midlands Strategic Health Authority agreed to award Mr Eacott a compensation settlement, and said that if the case went to a full trial, the ruling could have gone either way.

Judge Wilkie gave his approval of the negotiated settlement, which consisted of a £200,000 lump sum and an undetermined annual payment. Judge Wilkie commented after the settlement that, “In those circumstances, the parties are to be congratulated in having the wisdom to settle the case on a compromise basis, rather than put all at risk on a trial.”