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Patient Compensated for Cancer Misdiagnosis

Posted on: October 2nd, 2016 by Medical Negligence

A woman, whose cancerous mole was misdiagnosed as benign by two doctors, has settled her medical negligence claim though out-of-court negotiations.

The woman, whose name has not been made public, first visited her GP with worries over changes in a mole on her foot. The mole had recently changed appearance and began to itch, though the GP told her that this was nothing to worry about and sent her home.

Still concerned with the mole, the patient then visited another GP in the same practice some weeks later. However, the second GP shared a similar opinion to the first, telling the woman that the mole was nothing to worry about. Neither GP measured the size of the mole, and the woman was never referred to a dermatologist.

Dissatisfied with both of these outcomes, the woman chose to visit a third GP in a different surgery. The GP informed the woman that she was unable to remove the mole, and after her offer of removing the top of it was refused, she referred the patient to a dermatologist in the local hospital.

At the hospital, the dermatologist conducted a biopsy and the section was sent for testing. Regrettably, the results indicated that the mole was cancerous. The patient then underwent emergency surgery to remove the rest of the mole, but the cancer had already metastasised. The patient is now being treated for secondary cancer.

The patient sought legal counsel and proceeded to make a claim for medical negligence compensation against the first GP she consulted and their practice. The claim alleged that, if the correct diagnosis had been made sooner, she may currently have a better prognosis.

Though both the GP and the surgery denied that they were negligent and disputed the claim for compensation, once they were threatened with legal action, their insurance company decided to settle. The woman has since received a six-figure settlement of compensation for her suffering.