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Nursing Home Settles Claim for an Unacceptable Standard of Care Out of Court

Posted on: July 23rd, 2015 by Medical Negligence

A claim for an unacceptable standard of care has been settled out of court for £12,000 by a nursing home considered responsible for a resident´s suffering.

In November 2012, Ivy Jones (98) from Mitcham in Surrey was moved into the Carshalton Nursing Home after falling several times in her home. At the time of her move, Ivy was suffering with dry skin on both legs; but within weeks pressure sores developed on both calves which caused Ivy to suffer intense pain when her dressings were changed.

Ivy´s family complained to the nursing home staff, who claimed to have escalated their concerns to visiting medical practitioners; but when Ivy´s condition deteriorated further, the family complained to a social worker, who had Ivy moved to alternative accommodation in January 2013. Unfortunately Ivy died the following month.

Ivy´s daughter – Shirley Dell – sought legal advice and made a claim for an unacceptable standard of care against the Carshalton Nursing Home. An investigation was also conducted by Sutton Council, who placed an embargo on the nursing home until November 2014 when a new manager was put in place and the necessary improvements made.

The report from the investigation stated that “the quality of care fell below the acceptable standard”, that more should have been done to prevent Ivy´s pressure sores from developing and to obtain professional medical attention for her. Nonetheless the owners of the facility denied their liability for Ivy´s injuries.

Under pressure from Shirley´s solicitor, the owners of the Carshalton Nursing Home agreed to an out of court £12,000 settlement of the claim for an unacceptable standard of care, but without an admission of liability. The solicitor was later reported as saying; “Mrs Jones was in a lot of discomfort and distress in the last few months of her life which could have been avoided.”

After details of the settlement of the claim for an unacceptable standard of care were reported, Shirley told her local press: “I just wanted some form of justice for my mum. When they changed her dressings she used to scream in agony. It wasn’t right for her to suffer like she did.”