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Claim for Dentist´s Negligence Settled Out of Court

Posted on: July 4th, 2012 by Medical Negligence

A man who had two teeth unnecessarily removed by a negligent dentist has accepted an out-of-court settlement of 4,000 pounds in respect of his claim for dentist´s negligence compensation.

John Turnbull (56) from Gateshead underwent the negligent treatment at the Glenholme Dental Practice in 2008. The practice was then run by Dr. David Stewart, who John had been seeing for fifteen years. However, on this occasion, Dr. Stewart told John that he had an infection and that two of his bottom teeth needed extraction.

Following the treatment, John suffered excruciating pain for several weeks and, when returning to the surgery to try and get further treatment, found the practice had closed. John took treatment elsewhere and, when it was discovered that the teeth had been extracted unnecessarily sought legal advice about making a claim for dentist´s error compensation.

When compiling John´s claim, solicitors uncovered that Dr. Stewart had failed to diagnose and treat decay on another tooth and that three further claims for dentist error compensation had also been made against Dr. Stewart. Although Dr. Stewart denied liability, he was struck of the Dentists´ Registry in March 2010 and John´s claim for dentist´s negligence compensation was resolved with the former dentist´s insurers.