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Man Settles Claim for the Oversight of a Spine Injury

Posted on: November 8th, 2011 by Medical Negligence

A twenty-three-year-old man, whose spinal cord compression was missed when he was twelve years of age, has settled his claim for the oversight of a spine injury out of court.

Liam Careless from Staleybridge in Greater Manchester attended the Accident and Emergency Department at Tameside Hospital in 2000 with his mother, Karen, complaining of feelings of paralysis in his neck.

Liam had an x-ray and was discharged the same day with his neck supported by a collar. However, the pains in his neck continued and, in 2004, he had a second x-ray which revealed spinal cord compression.

Liam was transferred to the Royal Manchester Children´s Hospital where he underwent surgery; but, whereas the condition could have been completely resolved had the original x-ray been interpreted correctly, Liam will continue to experience pain in his neck – and be unable to walk without difficulty – for the rest of his life.

When he turned eighteen years of age, Liam made a claim for the oversight of a spine injury against Tameside Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, alleging that his permanent condition could have been avoided had greater care been taken by doctors in the Accident and Emergency Department taken greater care interpreting his original x-ray.

The NHS Trust investigated Liam´s claim for the oversight of a spine injury and negotiated a six-figure settlement of his claim with Liam´s medical negligence solicitor. Speaking after the claim had been settled, Karen Careless said:

“The last 11 years have been incredibly difficult and it still leaves a bitter taste to know that if the doctor who looked at the first X-ray in June 2000 had done his job properly, Liam would be as fit and healthy as any other young man. The effect on Liam and those close to him has been devastating and all because of a seemingly basic error”.

In a statement, Tameside Hospital NHS Foundation Trust said: “We would like to offer our heartfelt apologies to Mr Careless and his family. We hope that this settlement will go towards supporting his future needs.”