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Widower Makes Compensation Claim against Nursing Home for Wife’s Death

Posted on: January 27th, 2014 by Medical Negligence

A widower, whose wife died whilst she was being looked after in a nursing home, has started proceedings to claim compensation for the substandard level of care his wife received that resulted in her death.

On 27th November 2013, Joy Saunders – aged seventy-six from Ipswich, Suffolk – was admitted to the Bluebird Lodge Nursing Home’s physiotherapy unit after she suffered a stroke whilst holidaying in Spain.

When she was admitted, her husband – David Saunders – made a specific request to the home that guard rails be erected around his wife’s bed, as she may fall out of bed during the night because of her distress. However, this request was not acted upon and on her first night as a resident in the home, Mrs Saunders fell from the bed and hit her head off of the floor.

The next morning, Mr Saunders was told of the accident and of how his wife was found on the floor beside her bed. However, no-one had any information as to how the accident took place or for how long his wife had been lying on the ground, unattended.

Mrs Saunders sustained severe bruising to her head and face, but in spite of this – and her incoherent speech – no proper tests were carried out on Mrs Saunders until two days had passed since the accident. After these tests, Mrs Saunders was diagnosed with a brain haemorrhage.

Reliant on twenty-four hour care, Mrs Saunders was moved to a hospice the December following the accident. There, she died from her injuries.

Her widower, David Saunders, now plans to take legal action against the nursing home and the security company Serco, who work throughout Suffolk by providing community healthcare services with the NHS.

Mr Saunders claims that his wife’s death was preventable, and had the nursing home acted upon his request, his wife would not have had her accident. Additionally, there was a delay in the treatment of the injuries she sustained as a result of the accident, which just added to her suffering.