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Compensation Claim Settled for Surgical Error

Posted on: March 7th, 2012 by Medical Negligence

A woman who was left disabled after being starved of oxygen during an operation as a baby, has been awarded a six-figure compensation settlement for her injuries at the High Court in London.

When Stacey Jayne Smith, now aged twenty-two, was admitted to Nottingham City Hospital in 1988, she presented with a high fever. The doctors who examined her suspected that she had gall stones, and then scheduled an operation to examine and remove Stacey Jayne’s gall bladder. However, during the “routine” procedure Stacey Jayne’s bowel was punctured and she went into cardiac arrest.

Despite being resuscitated, Stacey Jayne had sustained severe damage to her brain because she had been deprived of oxygen when her heart stopped. Stacey Jayne now has cerebral palsy, and throughout her childhood she had to cope with severe learning challenges, and finds herself unable to walk for long distances.

Stacey Jayne’s parents made a medical negligence claim against the East Midlands Strategic Health Authority (EMSHA) who oversee the management of the Nottingham City Hospital. After an investigation, the EMSHA admitted liability for Stacey Jayne’s injuries and negotiated an undisclosed settlement with the family, though it is thought that the settlement is in the six-figure range.

Mr Justice Tugendhat, who oversaw proceedings in the High Court, gave his approval to the settlement, and stated after the hearing that “I do express my sympathy to Stacey’s family and wish them all the best for the future. Stacey has been very fortunate in the support her family has given her, so lovingly, for so long.”