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Compensation Settlement for Undiagnosed Brain Tumor Settled

Posted on: September 18th, 2010 by Medical Negligence

A man, who used to work as an assistant minister in the Church of England, in expected to receive a substantial, though undisclosed, compensation settlement for medical negligence after his brain tumor was left undiagnosed for three years.


The victim – Adrian Underwood, aged forty-two from Birmingham – was studying theology in Nottingham in 2001 when he began suffering from painful headaches. He was sent to Nottingham University Hospital to have a scan of his brain, which revealed that he had a growth on the inside of his skull. However, the medical staff did not investigate the condition further, and Mr Underwood was discharged, told that he was merely suffering from migraines.


As Mr Underwood was unable to complete the theology course upon which he was enrolled, he moved back to his native Birmingham to occupy the position of a curate. Yet his health deteriorated further, and during a medical investigation in 2004 – conducted to find the cause of Mr Underwood’s loss of vision – another brain scan was carried out, which showed that the tumour on the inside of Mr Underwood’s skull had greatly enlarged.


An emergency procedure was carried out to remove the growth, which had grown to the size of a lemon and forced itself down on Mr Underwood’s brain, forming a lump on his head. Mr Underwood is now plagued by chronic fatigue and epilepsy because of the delayed diagnosis of his condition, which could have been easily avoided.

Though the Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust has admitted liability for the injuries caused to Mr Underwood, they did not make any further comments on the case.Compensation Settlement for Undiagnosed Brain Tumor Settled in Court