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Complaints Concerning NHS Staff Levels Soar in Two-Year Period

Posted on: September 13th, 2015 by Medical Negligence

Over 7,000 complaints have been filed against the Scottish NHS as concern mounts over staffing levels, statistics released by the Scottish Liberal Democrat Party indicate.

The data – which was obtained under the Freedom of Information Act – shows that 7,253 complaints have been made over the last two years concerning staff levels in the Scottish NHS, with the majority of complaints being made by healthcare professionals themselves.

The report also shows that the number of job vacancies available for healthcare consultants has increased from 128 to 447.5 over the past three years – a three-fold increase – and that the number of job positions open for nurses and midwives has increased by twenty percent, from 1.865 to 2,256.

Jim Hume, the health spokesperson for the Liberal Democrats, has used these findings to criticise the Scottish National Party; “These stark figures underline the pressure that NHS staff are under as a result of the failure of the SNP government to get to grips with the challenges facing our health service.”

However, his argument was countered by SNP Health Secretary Shona Robison, who used other statistical findings to defend her government; “[The complaints about NHS staff levels] are critically important. Under this government, NHS staff numbers have risen by over 10,000, with more doctors and nurses now delivering care for the people of Scotland”.

Health Secretary Robison added: “We also have record high numbers of GPs – including the most GPs per head of the population in the UK. To give people the high quality healthcare they deserve, we are investing in and supporting a highly skilled NHS workforce. Over the past year alone, this includes an additional 600 nurses and midwives.”

Regardless of the politics of the situation, the dissatisfaction with the level staff in Scottish hospitals is cause for concern, especially when one considers that the majority of such complaints were made by employees of the hospitals. Understaffed hospitals put more strain on their employees, which could have disastrous results in medical settings – with both healthcare professionals and patients suffering as a consequence.