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Woman Discharged Early from Hospital Receives Compensation

Posted on: September 5th, 2012 by Medical Negligence

A woman who broke her pelvis and was released from hospital just eight hours after admittance has been awarded a five-figure settlement by the High Court.

When Lydia Eaton, aged one-hundred-and-two from Wigmore, Kent, fell near her home in March 2007, she was taken directly to the Accident and Emergency Department of Medway Maritime Hospital in Gillingham. Though she was diagnosed with a broken hip, she was discharged only eight hours after she was admitted and given a prescription of painkillers.

When Mrs Eaton arrived home, she began to develop sores and ulcers. Her mobility was compromised, as she is no longer able to walk independently, and her general condition suffered a deterioration. Her family claim that no advice was given by the hospital as to how they could help or deal with Mrs Eaton’s ailments, and the month after the accident occurred the family felt that they could not adequately support Mrs Eaton, moving her into a nursing home.

Mrs Eaton then sued the Medway NHS Trust through her daughter for the injuries she sustained because of her early release from hospital. The case was heard at London’s High Court, where Judge Sweeney heard that, had Mrs Eaton not been subjected to negligent treatment at the Medway Maritime Hospital, she would still be able to live an independent life. Mrs Eaton’s legal representatives told the judge that, since their client’s first claim for compensation, Mrs Eaton was forced to move to another nursing facility that was more expensive than her previous one, so that she could receive a higher level of care.

Judge Sweeney ruled in Mrs Eaton’s favour, agreeing that the hospital did act negligently by releasing Mrs Eaton so early. The judge granted Mrs Eaton a £35,000 compensation settlement for her early discharge, which lead to a deterioration in condition, and said that a trust fund must be set up to help pay for her care.c