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Hospital Medical Negligence Award for Operation on Incorrect Side of Heart

Posted on: November 11th, 2011 by Medical Negligence

A man, who was woken up during surgery to tell him that his heart operation had gone wrong, has received a six-figure sum in hospital compensation after making a medical negligence claim.

Steve Edwards (51) was having a minor heart operation at Bristol Royal Infirmary in 2008 when the error occurred. During the surgery, a piece of medical equipment slipped, causing a radio pulse to be applied to the incorrect side of his heart.

The error meant that Mr Edwards needed a pacemaker fitted, and the heavily anaesthetised was brought around to advise him of the treatment he required. Mr Edwards claimed in his compensation case that he did not appreciate the severity of the issue at the time, and it was only in an outpatient’s appointment ten weeks later that the true extent of the error became known.

Despite three additional attempts at corrective surgery, Mr Edwards now must wear the pacemaker for the rest of his life – meaning that he will have to undergo surgery once every seven years to replace the battery. The Bristol Royal Infirmary admitted hospital medical negligence and agreed a six-figure sum in hospital compensation with Mr Edwards’ legal representatives in an out-of-court settlement.