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Man Compensated for Hospital Transplant Error

Posted on: May 6th, 2014 by Medical Negligence

A Merseyside man has been compensated for a hospital transplant error in which he received a kidney infected with lymphoma – a form of blood cancer.

Robert Law from New Ferry on the Wirral underwent a kidney transplant operation in 2010 at the Royal Liverpool Hospital, and six days later it was discovered during a post-mortem that the donor was suffering from lymphoma – a type of blood cancer that would have been carried over by the transplanted kidneys

Sixty-two year old Robert was promptly informed that the disease had not been identified when the kidney was screened for infection, but his immune system was already vulnerable after the transplant procedure, and he quickly became very ill. Robert underwent chemotherapy to treat the lymphoma and, fortunately, a recent biopsy has shown that the cancer is in remission.

Robert sought legal advice and made a claim for a hospital transplant error against the NHS Blood and Transplant Unit. The NHS admitted responsibility for his blood cancer illness and – in 2012 – issued an apology. An undisclosed settlement of hospital transplant error compensation was negotiated for the physical and emotion trauma Robert had experienced, and the effect it had on his family.

The Chief Executive of the NHS Blood and Transplant Unit – Lynda Hamlyn – also issued a second apology; saying that she hoped the settlement of Robert´s hospital transplant error compensation claim will enable him to move on from the unfortunate circumstances. She added that new mechanisms had been implemented so that a similar tragedy could not happen again.

A second claim for hospital transplant error compensation remains ongoing.  Gillian Smart (52) from St Helens in Merseyside also received a kidney from the infected donor, but is yet to settle her compensation claim against the NHS.