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Lung Cancer Diagnosis Error Compensation for Family of Deceased Man

Posted on: April 30th, 2013 by Medical Negligence

A family grieving the death of a man, Frank Golby, have been awarded an undisclosed settlement of lung cancer diagnosis error compensation.

Mr Golby from Whoberley in Coventry had been admitted to Coventry University Hospital in May 2010 for a CT scan after visiting his GP with a cough. The scan, carried out at the hospital, showed a 1cm-wide nodule on his left lung, but doctors failed to recognise the signs of a deadly tumour and Frank was diagnosed with a normal chest infection.

He (Mr Golby) returned to the hospital a number of several times complaining of breathing complications and anaemia, but the 2010 scan was never looked over again. It was only when a chest x-ray on 17th February 2012 revealed that that the tumour growing on his lung had grown to five times its original size that the appropriate diagnosis made. Tragically was too late for Frank – who died the following day at 65 years of age.

His (Frank’s) family sought legal advice from a qualified solicitor and began a claim for medical negligence on the grounds that, had the nodule been correctly diagnosed in 2010 at a stage when the cancer was still at a treatable point, Frank would have lived for at least a further ten years.

After a review of the negligent medical treatment Frank had been given, his wife, son, daughter and two grandchildren were offered an apology by the University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire NHS Trust and an undisclosed five-figure settlement of lung cancer diagnosis error compensation was agreed between the Trust and solicitors representing Frank´s family.