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Six-Figure Settlement for Severed Tendon Misdiagnosis

Posted on: September 7th, 2011 by Medical Negligence

A well-known magician, who suffered an injury to his hand which threatened an end to his career, was awarded the settlement after his doctor failed to notice that he had severed his tendon.

Kyle Summers, aged forty of Burbage in Wiltshire, went to George Eliot Hospital’s Accident and Emergency Department in Nuneaton after injuring his hand whilst cleaning a cup. The cup, which he had been holding, shattered in his hand, and when doctors at the department had taken x-rays to ensure none of the china was still in Mr Summers’ hand, they stitched the wound and discharged Mr Summers from hospital.

However, Mr Summers’ hand did not fully recover and when he started to experience difficulty in carrying out his magic tricks, he determined that he should visit his GP. However, the GP consulted the notes made at the hospital after the accident happened, and these did not detail any damaged tendon, the GP and physiotherapist decided that the tendon was just swollen. This was in spite of the fact that the cut Mr Summers sustained to his hand was deep enough to reach the bone.

It was only after another check-up, six weeks after the initial incident, that the actual problem was diagnosed. Mr Summers then had to have two operations carried out on his hand, one to insert a rod into his wrist and another to attach a thicker tendon before the actual injury healed. Mr Summers then had to undergo months of intensive physiotherapy, which eventually enabled him to continue his magic tricks, which require a good level of dexterity.

After seeking legal counsel, Mr Summers made a claim for compensation against the George Eliot NHS Trust for the medical negligence. Out-of-court settlements ensued between legal representatives for both parties before a £15,000 settlement was agreed upon for the misdiagnosis.