Can I claim for pain and suffering after a visit to the dentist?

Can I claim for pain and suffering after a visit to the dentist?

Inasmuch as a visit to the dentist is often painful, you are only entitled to make a dentist injury compensation claim if the dentist has acted negligently in your treatment. You cannot simply claim compensation because the treatment provided by the dentist was painful.

To successfully claim for dentist injury compensation, it has to be proven that the dentist failed to properly treat a condition which a reasonable and competent member of the dental profession would have dealt with in a different manner.

Examples of what may constitute dentist negligence include:-

  • Failure to diagnose the cause of pain and suffering — for example gum diseases, oral lesions and tooth injuries
  • Unnecessary tooth extractions — these not only cause pain and suffering but are frequently expensive as well
  • Performing other unnecessary treatment — the fitting of plates, braces and bridges which are unnecessary are also examples of dentist negligence
  • Incorrect administration of drugs or anaesthesia – If a dentist administers the wrong amount of a drug or fails to see in your notes that there is risk of an allergic reaction, this is also grounds for a dentist injury compensation claim provided that “an injury occurred in circumstances which were avoidable at the time”.

Speak with a Solicitor

Claims for dentist injury compensation fall under the category of medical negligence and are often more complicated to prove than many personal injury cases. If you believe that you have sustained an injury or loss due to the negligence or lack of care of your dentist, you should speak with a solicitor at the earliest possible opportunity.