Claims Compensation for Surgeon Negligence

I am entitled to claim for surgeon negligence compensation if a surgeon performing my breast reduction surgery left me with unsightly scars — and in a lot of pain — due to post-operative complications that led to an infection?

A surgeon negligence compensation claim may be made if the standard of care you received from the surgeon — either during or after the surgical procedure — was somehow below what could be reasonably be expected. Accordingly, your claim for surgeon negligence compensation must prove that the care you received was substandard — as evaluated by other medical experts — and the infection and scarring you sustained must be established to have resulted from the substandard procedure or care you received.

Claims Compensation for Surgeon NegligenceWhen other medical experts assess the standard of care you received, they would seek to establish whether “on the balance of probabilities” your infection (and subsequent complications) could have been prevented by your surgeon. If it is determined that owing to a lack of skill or the failure to demonstrate the skills required, your infection was not prevented or treated in an appropriate fashion, the negligence of a surgeon may be established — in which case you may have a viable injury claim for surgeon negligence .

The above assumes that you followed the aftercare instructions given to you, so that your infection may not be partially attributed to your own lack of care. If you were found to be partially at fault, your compensation for negligence of a surgeon may be reduced.

To learn whether you have a viable claim on the grounds of surgeon negligence, you are advised to speak with a personal injury solicitor who is familiar with medical negligence cases about what the particulars of your case. Another factor to keep in mind is that you have three years from the “date of knowledge” of your injury to claim for surgeon negligence compensation.