Surgeon Nipped Bladder during Operation

My surgeon nipped bladder during operation, is it possible to claim for medical negligence?

You may be entitled to claim compensation for when your surgeon nipped bladder during operation. However, this will only be possible if you sustained a diagnosable injury or illness from this possible demonstration of medical negligence and also if the negligence of the surgeon or someone else in the medical team can be established. A claim will not be successful unless there has been medical consequences that could have been avoided if alternative actions had been taken and also if someone can be established as the negligent party. Otherwise, there are no grounds for a surgeon bladder operation error claim and nobody to make such a claim against.

If you have suffered medical consequences from this operation, the only way of finding out your eligibility to claim for bladder nipped during operation is by contacting a personal injury claims solicitor with knowledge of medical negligence injury claims at the first possible moment. You should inform him or her of the specific circumstances of the operation in which you sustained bladder injury and the extent of this injury. Your solicitor will help you to compose a letter of complaint to send to the NHS or private hospital where your surgeon nipped bladder during operation.

They will then contact the medical team involved and obtain relevant medical notes. Your solicitor will present these notes to an independent medical expert who will ascertain whether or not your bladder injury was preventable and if it would have occurred if another competent doctor was operating. They will inform your solicitor if they think that there was a demonstration of medical negligence and your solicitor will determine the strength of your surgeon bladder operation error claim based on this and advise you on how best to proceed.

If they think that your claim for bladder nipped during operation has sufficient strength then they may offer you legal representation. The value of your claim will then be calculated based on the Judicial College Guidelines for the Assessment of General Damages. This is a publication which lists a variety of injuries and assigns a value to each one based on their severity and permanency. If your particular injury is not listed then the solicitor involved in negotiating your claim will examine previous claims that were similar to yours and base the value on these. They will also consider your age, sex and general state of health prior to your bladder injury, the pain and suffering you endured and the impact your injury has had on your quality of life.

This is general advice regarding your eligibility to make a claim for medical negligence and how your claim may be assessed. It is in no way an alternative to the specific information your solicitor will be able to give you once you inform them of your particular situation. Therefore it is advisable that you contact one at the first possible moment to discuss how your surgeon nipped bladder during operation.